Sep 24, 2023

12 Week Body Transformation

"Drawing a line in the sand" means setting clear and non-negotiable boundaries or goals for yourself.

It means making a firm commitment to what you want to accomplish, and not wavering from it.

Change requires you make this agreement with yourself. Are you ready? Then read on.
Line in the sand

This is a revision of the 2020 program that helped fuel the BEAST in a few of my clients.

Let me be upfront – it’s not a walk in the park. It requires dedication and the right mindset. But if you’re seriously committed to changing how you look, feel, and perform, then it all begins with a conscious decision to put in the work.

Today, right now, draw a line in the sand, and then don’t compromise when it comes to completing this program.

It’s raining…who cares.

You’re tired…who cares.

Worked all day…(say it with me) who cares.

Just get it done. You’ll be over the moon excited with the progress you’ll make.

Alright, you can download it below.


Now get to work!