Listing AIgent

Services: Website Design, SEO, Digital Marketing

The Challenge:

This brand new AI-based SaaS business needed to establish itself quickly in a crowded market. Key obstacles were getting a website up, creating an effective marketing strategy, and converting visitors.

The Solution:

We took a three-pronged approach: a website that was intuitive and compelling, an SEO strategy that put Listing AIgent on the virtual map, and an online marketing campaign that drove engagement and conversions.

Listing AIgent Real Estate Copywriting Tool

Driving Discoverability:

To ensure that Listing AIgent appeared prominently in search engine results, we executed a robust SEO strategy tailored to the real estate industry. We focused on keywords that agents frequently search for. This detailed approach improved Listing AIgent’s online visibility among its core audience, driving organic traffic to the website.

The Result:

The intuitive, inviting website, combined with a robust SEO game and a pinpointed marketing approach, helped Listing AIgent gain traction as a reliable tool among real estate pros. Listing AIgent is quickly becoming the go-to for agents ready to leave manual listing writing in the past.

Listing AIgent

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