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Services: Website Design, Local SEO, Digital Marketing

The Challenge:

Select Jiu Jitsu’s existing system for managing students, classes, and sales was a nightmare. They used separate platforms and wasted a ton of valuable time each month.

The Solution:

Their custom website now effortlessly handles enrollments, client management, and store purchases in one place. We designed it to resonate with Select’s brand identity and crafted a positive user experience that makes key tasks intuitive.

Select Jiu Jitsu Case Study

Driving Discoverability:

Through powerful imagery and messaging that speaks to their target demographic, the website makes a strong first impression that encourages visitor engagement. Fine-tuned local SEO best practices tailored for their business means Select now ranks higher in local searches, providing lots of new enrollment opportunities.

The Result:

The new website has simplified Select’s monthly operations, saving time and growing their presence. With their brand clearly conveyed and classes/sales facilitated in one spot, the site delivers marketing and practical functionality.

Coach Lance Yager Select Jiu JItsu

From our client

“Life just got a whole lot easier! Our new website not only streamlines communication with my students and helps exlpain what we do, but it also turbocharges our online presence. With Corey’s expertise in managing our website, boosting our local SEO, and handling our online marketing, we’re reaching more people than ever.


It’s a game-changer that’s taken the stress out of my day and let me focus on what I do best (choke people)!”


Lance Yager. Owner—Select Jiu Jitsu

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