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Unlock the full potential of your business with software that’s built from the ground up to fit your unique needs like a glove—enhancing productivity, streamlining operations, and boosting your bottom line.

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Why use custom software for your business?

Off-the-shelf software doesn’t always get what your business is about. Custom software is like having a solution crafted specifically for your business’s DNA. It hits the mark, making sure everything it does is useful for your business.

More reasons to consider custom software for your business:

☑ Made just for you: Get software built to fit what your business needs.

☑ Scales with you: As you expand, your software expands with you.

☑ Integrates well: Our software plays nice with your current tech.

☑ Competitive edge: Custom software helps you outdo the competition.

Want software that grows, fits, and works with your business perfectly? Let’s talk!

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My building process

How does the process work?

My process is designed to be collaborative, transparent, and focused on delivering a product that really grows your business.


It starts with getting to know your business, and understanding your market. I ask questions, note your goals, and make sure the software is aligned with your vision.

Design & Development:

My approach to design and development is driven by two key principles: keep it user-friendly and select tech-stack that is reliable and scalable.

Testing & Deployment:

I test thoroughly, so when you go live, it’s smooth sailing. Your software should work hard and make a great first impression.

Support & Maintenance:

The relationship doesn’t end at deployment. I am committed to ongoing support to keep things running smoothly, updating and tweaking as your business grows.

Why work with me?

I’m a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer with a knack for building top-notch web apps. My expertise allows me to create end-to-end, customized software quickly and efficiently. I apply these skills to solve real problems, enhance business processes, and drive growth.

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Custom software in the action—Listing AIgent

Transforming Real Estate Copywriting with Listing AIgent


A local listing agent, candid about not being a writer, approached me with a challenge in their business: they needed a faster, more effective method to craft multiple engaging property descriptions daily.


In real estate, time is of the essence. So their listing agents needed a way to produce attention-grabbing listings quickly to stay ahead in their fast-paced market.


Addressing their need, we worked together to create Listing AIgent. This AI-powered real estate copywriting tool simplifies the writing process, allowing agents to input property details via voice or text, choose a writing style that aligns with their target audience, and generate persuasive listings effortlessly

Listing AIgent Real Estate Copy Writing Tool
Corey McCoy, Best Software developer in Waco Texas

Collaboration & Customization:

Collaboration & Customization: Each step, from concept to launch, was a collaboration that ensured the tool was fine-tuned to the agent’s workflow, providing a personalized solution to a universal problem.


Agents now quickly produce high-quality listings, attracting buyers and speeding up sales. The impact? Sales rates jumped by 20% in the same 6 month period.

This case study illustrates strategic problem-solving through technology.

If you have a project or idea in mind, reach out and let’s discuss building a tailored software solution that can transform your business challenges into an advantage.

From the client

“Faced with the task of having to create property descriptions daily, we felt overwhelmed. Then Corey came aboard.


His expert guidance was key in developing Listing AIgent—our AI-powered solution that made writing descriptions a breeze. But Corey didn’t stop there; he helped us evolve our tool into a viable SaaS platform.


We’ve not just entered the market. Our user base is growing, and with Corey’s partnership, we’ve transformed a time-consuming headache into a revenue generating product.”


A. Lovelace. V.P. Customer Relations, Co-Founder—Listing AIgent

Need software tailor-made for your business?

That’s exactly what I do!

I specialize in creating custom software that fits your business like a glove, helping you streamline tasks, improve efficiency, outshine competitors, and boost revenue.

When we team up, you’re getting more than a service provider—you get a strategic partner focused on delivering measurable results.

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